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Our founder Ms. Duckworth began White Pearl Coaching with one purpose: to serve others. Always wanting to become a teacher, Ms. Duckworth set off in the world of higher education to gain the necessary teaching skills. Her professors and academic advisors noticed early on that Ms. Duckworth had a unique and natural eye for business so they encouraged her to change her major. Shortly after completing her MBA, Ms. Duckworth lost her mother in the fight against breast cancer. To keep her mother’s legacy alive and her family connected, she used her business skills to begin the first family business in the service industry. The challenges she faced as a new business owner were not textbook and Ms. Duckworth felt as if the information necessary to truly succeed could have been more accessible to business owners. This began her desire to combine her passion for teaching with her skills in business and she soon launched her first consulting company.  

Over the next 15 years she would continue to learn, teach and consult in various areas of business. Ms. Duckworth has always felt the need to share what she has learned to help others avoid the same costly mistakes she made. As time went on, she began to learn the importance of selfcare, discipline, support and community as they relate highly to the success of the entrepreneur. It seemed as if “coaching” came naturally. Ms. Duckworth learned the value of having a professional sounding board; a person who you can turn to for reasoning when in the midst of making important business decision. Most Small Business owners typically do not lack expertise or skill, many just lack support and access to the tools needed to be a great owner. They will start on the front line and never fully transition to successfully managing the business operations. 

Desiring to transition from Consulting to Coaching, Ms. Duckworth decided to gain even more formal training by obtaining her MS in Psychology with an emphasis in Coaching. This taught her valuable skills of how to tie it all together so that her clients can have the very best experience. Understand that the ultimate success of your business will be determined by the experts you hire and the amount of dedication you have towards running your business. Our goal is to guarantee that business owners feel supported and connected, not isolated. We will look at the operation in great detail so that we may identify areas of opportunity that can quickly strengthen your business.  Hiring a Business Coach can be the single best investment you make this year! 


J. Duckworth, MBA, MS

Founder & Master Coach

Duckworth has a life long passion for motivating others and a servants heart. She began her journey as an Entrepreneur and  Business Strategist after obtaining her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from a Private University in Atlanta, GA. She has successfully aided in the launch of over 100 new businesses while focusing on helping her clients with long term growth plans after start-up. In doing so, Duckworth realized that many Entrepreneurs lack the skills that they need to successfully lead their business. Products and services are deliberately enhanced to please the consumer so why shouldn't the understanding and skill set of the Leadership team be enhanced through the help of a Business Coach to retain top talent? As a result of her passion to coach & develop others, Duckworth obtained her Master of Psychology (MS) degree with an emphasis in Coaching. This new developed skill set allows her to be the ultimate Strategist for her clients. Duckworth's overall Business experience spans over 20 years within multiple and industries such as CPG, Automotive, Childcare, Personal Service Industries, Non-Profit Organizations, High Education, Banking & Finance, Restaurants, Entertainment and Transportation. This vast background enables her to have a unique and effective approach that delivers results and clients truly appreciate. 

D. Allen, BS

Head of Project Development

Allen holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Atlanta, GA. She began her career in local government and community planning. Allen has extensive knowledge with systems, business and economic development. Her passions include personal wellness and entrepreneurial growth and development. Throughout her career she has grown to be an expert project manager, able to always meet or exceed client expectations. Allen oversees all business projects.



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